Christopher Mahon

A native of Toronto, Christopher Mahon’s professional career as a tenor has most recently featured performances with Theatre of Early Music under the direction of Daniel Taylor in Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa. Specializing in early music, he has also done solo work with choirs such as the Tallis Choir of Toronto, the Toronto Chamber Choir, the Larkin Singers, the Grace Church on the Hill Choir of Gentlemen & Boys, and the Choir of St James’ Cathedral. Having toured in the UK, Germany, the US & Canada, his choral career has included engagements and lead positions with a number of prominent choirs, including Festival Ensemble Stuttgart under the direction of Helmuth Rilling, the Junges Stuttgarter Bach Ensemble, Theatre of Early Music, the Larkin Singers, the William Byrd Singers, the Tallis Choir, Vox Aeterna, and others. Home is both Toronto and Ottawa, and his greatest joy is singing with the seven other members of his family.
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