PanM 360 Review: Six Motets

PANM 360


by Elena Mandolini

“Johann Sebastian Bach’s six motets are part of the well-known repertoire of choral music. Despite (or perhaps thanks to) their great popularity, numerous recordings of these works exist, always offering a renewed listening experience. The Ottawa Bach Choir, under the direction of Lisette Canton, presents an exceptional interpretation of it in its most recent album, released on the ATMA Classique label. Since 2002, the choir has offered an exploration of choral music through the ages, but always keeping Bach’s work at the heart of its repertoire. Joining the choir are musicians Jonathan Oldengram (organ), Matthew Larkin (harpsichord), Lucas Harris (theorbo), Jean-Christophe Lizotte (cello) and Reuven Rothman (double bass). We will appreciate on the album the lively and nuanced interpretation of Bach’s motets. Each voice (human or instrumental) is distinct, we hear all the subtleties of the compositions. But you can also take a step back and appreciate the overall effect, where each detail fits together precisely. The contrast effects and the interpretation of nuances, forte or piano, are very successful and contribute to this dynamism that can be heard throughout the listening. All these elements also create a depth to the sound, which allows you to immerse yourself in listening.”

© April 27, 2023

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